Choosing Your Fabric by LOVEKimmy Designs

For all customer collaborations and design requests, we usually start with the item of choice, then move to favorite colors and patterns. I then shop specially for the fabrics and either send images or do it virtually for approval.  Once, the fabric is chosen, the item is ready to be queued as a project.  Note: All custom orders are required to be paid in full prior to purchasing fabrics and there is a minimum of a four week wait unless otherwise verbalized. This is a standard practice in our field.
Fabric Choice: It's best to first understand the difference between quilters cotton fabric from your local craft store versus the designer fabric at your private local fabric stores.
There is an extreme difference in the quality of cotton. Although both are 100% cotton, its the higher thread count that is consistent with quality fabrics. What holds true with higher thread count cotton:
  • better quality
  • more expensive
  • the softer to the touch, and
  • longer lasting for wear and tear
  • holds up with numerous washes
  • differences in the vibrancy of colors
For quilters cotton at the local chain store:
    • lightweight or see through, may need fabric enforcement
    • can be inexpensive
    • does not hold up as well with numerous washes
    • can be scratchy
    • difference in vibrancy of colors
    For example, I'm make beautiful pillowcases marrying three different colors and/or fabric patters. I would not make these with quilters cotton from the local chain store. Most, but not all, may feel like sandpaper to the face....much like very cheap sheets and blankets. The colors are that much more beautiful and knowing it will be washed many times over, I would only recommend the designer cotton.
    It's worth the bit of extra money to get anything that will be on your skin or that will be washed over and over again.
    You get what you pay for is a perfect saying in this case.
    I do have my ways of reinforcing the less expensive quilters material... but it still does not compare as even pillage seems to happen in some instances.
    Any questions, please email me,